About us

Hello Beautiful Media is a media group that caters to millennial, ambitious women.

All the blogs, platforms and online magazines that are part of our portfolio have been founded by women. The content provided has been written exclusively by women and it is dedicated to women.


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BlushSuede is a beauty blog that covers the latest offers in the beauty world, reviews of sought after products that are supposed to make the life of milennial women easier.


Cafebiblioart is a lifestyle blog that covers a variety of topics, but takes a specific approach to discussing topics – that of a coffee shop conversion between friends.

the glossy go getter lgoo

The Glossy Go Getter is a platform dedicated to women who wish to enhance their career or get started on their entrepreneurial dreams. You can find tips and tricks on how to make your dreams come true, motivating stories as well as the support you need to succeed in your career or with your business ventures.


The LOLAs Diaries is a lifestyle blog tacking the joys and sorrows of growing up and living life as a woman.

More websites will be coming soon.